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Do I like it or do I hate it?

Over the years I have tried to help people both online and off. One of the things that I run into (more offline than on) is that people think I just don’t like milk and don’t want any kids to drink it because I “think” it’s bad.

Well, truth is I don’t really like it. I used to drink about 4-6 glasses of it a day prior to researching it. I suffered from lots of colds and migraines as a child. When I stopped drinking it the headaches became very far a few between and the phlegm buildup I had cleared.

When I see children drinking a glass of milk, I gag. I know too much. I try not to push it on this site that I don’t think it’s healthy….

I have a confession to make though. I’m a cheese addict. Like BIG TIME! Always have been. I also use cream in my coffee. I eat ice cream when I’m calorie splurging and not with my family. In my house though I don’t cook with cheese (unless it’s just for me) I don’t use or buy milk, butter, or ice cream. I never ate yogurt or bought it until recently, I’m hardcore dieting and have been eating yogurt… or more like choking it down, only because it’s filling and low in fat and calories.

Lots of times people panic when they find out they have to stop using dairy products. I know because I was there. When you can and do eat them, they are so intertwined in your everyday life that it’s hard to imagine life without. It’s really hard to switch and make changes…. at first. Reading labels is hard when you suddenly have to do it and never needed to before. It’s not so hard when you know exactly what to look for, and now with the new labeling (new as in a few years old, but not around when my guy was little) it’s actually pretty easy.

Eventually you will zoom right past the dairy case and not think twice. You will chuckle when people are scared to give your child eggs because they think it’s dairy. I don’t know about you, but I never saw a cow lay an egg! You will get used to it. You might start thinking the milk is gross like I do. You might not. You may find that you really do like almond milk on your cereal and rice milk in your pancake mix. Mostly though, you will see how healthy your kids are and will think “Hey, this isn’t so bad.”

When I started this website in 1999, the internet was kind of new. There wasn’t a lot of help or information back then. Now though, you can find just about anything. Thank you for finding the time to come here. I hope that I have been a help and can continue to be a help. I will be updating all the pages on this site because I wrote most of them years ago and they need some updating.

I love your comments and emails too. So keep them coming!

A cheese addict with two milk allergic kids and a lactose intolerant husband who maintains a site to help others with taking dairy out of their lives. 🙂 (but you can call me Andrea)