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Blueberry Pie ~ Milk Free Recipes

So up here in the Northeast, we are about to get hit with a record breaking snow storm. 
It’s October 29th. 
I thought I would do some baking before the power goes out… so I whipped up this blueberry pie. It was so simple, I almost feel lame posting it. It just came out so cute though. Too bad I don’t eat pie.  

Here it is:
1 Can of blueberry pie filling
1 Package of Pillbury pie crust
Pre-heat over to 425, Put one pie crust in the pie plate, pour in the blueberry, and top with a vented crust. 
I used a little star cookie cutter to cut the top crust. As I laid the cut out stars over the star openings, they started to look like snow flakes.  Very fitting. 
Happy Pie Eating!!!