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Amanda’s Own Confections- A truly delicious milk free treat!

Have you ever had a piece of chocolate that was so rich, creamy, smooth, and delicious that you finished it and got really sad that it was all gone? 
Have you ever had a chocolate so good that when you were going to get some more of it, you got excited in anticipation? 
Have you ever had chocolate in your house that got fought over and vanished when you weren’t looking? 

Dairy Free Chocolate by Amanda's Own ConfectionsI have.  I have because I have had Amanda’s Own Confections –  Not only are they all completely dairy-free, but they are also all tree nut-free, peanut-free, egg-free and gluten-free!
These aren’t just chocolate bars! They offer loads of fun seasonal shapes, packaging, and loads of options!
We got to sample the gold bunny box, and a sitting bunny. We sampled them so fast, that I didn’t get to even get one photo of them! They are just the right amount of sweet, and so reach and creamy. PLUS they are solid chocolate! None of that hollow bunny scam that you remember from childhood! 
The GREAT NEWS… They are shipping Easter treats all the way until March 27th! It’t not too early to order for your Easter baskets and eggs!
Check out the whole assortment of Easter treats HERE.
Sitting Bunny – Photo from Amanda’s Own Website
Gold Bunny Box – Photo from Amanda’s Own Website
Look at how incredibly adorable the foil wrapped bunnies are… 

Not only do they offer loose, boxed, and foil wrapped chocolates, but they also have a wide selection of lollipop chocolates which includes ballerinas, trucks, dinosaurs, sports, and more!

There’s even non-chocolate selections! Plus, if you live in a warmer area, or are ordering in the summer you can have your chocolates shipped in a special container so that they won’t melt! I swear, they’ve thought of everything!

We got a chance to sample devour a bag of sour gummy worms, and they were AMAZING! They were sweet and sour, and chewy, and just plain awesome! So awesome in fact, that I was talking about this post, trying a few more samples of this amazing chocolate, and my teen said “Hey, are you getting more of those gummy worms, Mom?” and he never asks for candy, ever!

So check out the FAQ if you need to know more. Like their facebook page to get a head start on the Milk Free Kids 500 Fan Giveaway. Then give them a try! Order right online and have them shipped to you in time for the Easter Bunny, or any other occasion you might need a great dairy free chocolate for!

What about this Milk Free Kids 500 Fan Giveaway?? Well….

The day we hit 500 facebook fans, the prizes are going to start rolling onto the blog here and on facebook… YOU might be one of the lucky winners! Just liking the facebook page will get you your first entry. Keep checking back for more chances to win too! Loads of prizes are coming your way if you are one of the lucky winners!!

The following Amanda’s Own Chocolate treats will be part of the upcoming Milk Free Kids facebook giveaway!